Louisville’s Kevin Ware breaks leg

by Brandon Neal

On February 26th, 2007, NBA guard Shaun Livingston suffered a major, career-changing knee injury during a game against the Charlotte Bobcats.  The gruesome scene was definitely hard to stomach, and unfortunately, Livingston was never able to play up to expectations.

Louisville’s Kevin Ware may be faced with a similar situation.

Against the Duke Blue Devils in the Midwest Regional Finals, Ware suffered a broken leg on a block attempt, as he closed out on the shooter a bit too late.

The video is below, but please keep in mind that the injury was bad enough to be exempt from the halftime show.

After the injury, an emotional Louisville team seemed to elevate their game, eventually defeating a stunned Duke team, 85-63.

Reports later in the night revealed that Ware had undergone a successful surgery, and may travel to Atlanta (his hometown) to watch his Cardinals play the surging Wichita State for one of two spots in the championship game next Monday.

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