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The following guidelines are set into place to provide all registered members a safe, appropriate and enjoyable community to discuss basketball and other topics at www.discusshoops.com. The DH administration has fully accepted these guidelines, and anyone representing the site as a forums moderator is expected to enforce them when necessary.

  • Personal attacks are not allowed on the forums. Telling a member he/she needs to watch more basketball, and telling that same person that they are ignorant, are two different things. A warning may be issued based on the severity of the attack. Racial slurs will result in suspensions. Each and every registered member is entitled to their opinion, and we are aware of this, but the forums are not a place to attack posters.
  • Spamming (promoting a product or a website) is not allowed in topics and in the private messaging system. There are two ways to promote your site, and they are by affiliation and by a simple link in your signature space. Spamming can result in a permanent ban.
  • Post-padding is unacceptable, no matter the reason. Posting irrelevant nonsense that adds little to nothing to the discussion with the sole purpose to increase post count will result in warnings and possible suspensions.
  • Copyright laws will be followed on the forums. There will be no file-sharing of any kind, and no discussion of programs or sites that allow it as well.
  • Inappropriate content is prohibited on DH. Posting or linking to pornographic images, offensive content, and bypassing our word filter will result in warnings or suspensions.
  • Duplicate accounts are not allowed. If you have a reason to make another, you can email an administrator beforehand.
  • We kindly ask that all topic titles are descriptive and, for the most part, short to medium length. Also, we ask that you please refrain from using all capital letters for your topic titles. Your topic deserves the same amount of attention as everyone else's, and it will most certainly be read.
  • Backseat moderating (acting like you're in the driver's seat, pointing out certain rules that you assume are broken, pretending to be in charge when you aren't) is not allowed on DH. The administrators and moderators hold positions of power for a reason. If you are not one of those, you're asked to report any issues to someone on staff, so it can be dealt with appropriately.
  • Owners, administrators and moderators reserve the right to take actions available to them in any topic, at any time. It is up to our staff members to make the decision based on current events and past issues, not manipulated by anyone else's bickering and arguments that may follow.
  • Signature Image A is limited to 468 pixels wide by 140 pixels tall (468x140). An example is below.
    Posted Image
  • Signature Image B is limited to 468 pixels wide by 40 pixels tall (468x40), considered by many a userbar.
  • There is a two-image limit, five lines of text and one link maximum on all signature content. This is mainly done to prevent abuse of signature space (ex. large wallpapers stretching the board, multiple links).
  • Images included in signatures cannot be clickable. Be sure you remove any URL tag wrapped around the image before placing it in your sig space. This is set in place to assure all members where they are going, instead of risking accidental clicks.
  • You may not quote other members in your sig space. If we allowed it, you would find that it could be you on the wrong end of the deal.
  • Images used may not contain any profanity or offensive content.
  • Failure to comply will result in signature privileges removal from anywhere between a few days up to permanently.
  • All avatars are limited to 120 pixels in width and height, and uploaded avatars must not exceed 30 kilobytes in file size.
  • As with signatures, avatars may not contain any profanity or offensive content.
  • Similar to the guidelines protecting copyright material, the same applies to articles. Those that are for paying subscribers (such as ESPN Insider) shall not be posted in full.
  • Any article must be accompanied by a link and no more than a few blocks of text posted, linking back to the original website for the remainder of the article, unless directed otherwise by an administrator or moderator. Do not post the full article.
  • The warning system is active for the sole purpose to moderate users based on more than just his or her current disruptive behavior. The system indicates past warnings, with reasons included. Moderators will be advised to loosely follow a three and six foul system. Three "fouls" and you take a seat (suspension). Six of them gets you banned. All warnings will be reset after a period of three months, which is fairly generous.
  • The moderators can suspend and ban anyone without using the warning system, and completely ignoring the amount of warnings you have at the time, depending on the severity of the offense. In this situation, the owners and administrators will analyze the situation and act appropriately.
Please feel free to send a private message to any owner, administrator or moderator if you have any questions about our guidelines. We are set on creating and maintaining the strongest, safest and most mature community among all basketball message boards, for all ages, and it's our biggest responsibility to enforce the guidelines for everyone registered.

From all of us on staff at DiscussHoops.com, thank you for joining, and we look forward to your contributions and hope your time here is worthwhile.

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Brandon Neal, Founder/Owner
DiscussHoops.com (formerly OTRBasketball.com)